Chistopher "Kit" Howard is the father of Tory Brennan. His aunt is Temperance Brennan. He works at the Loggerhead Island Research Institute as a marine biologist, but when the former director of LIRI experiences an unfortunate incident, he becomes the new director of LIRI and the founder of the Loggerhead Trust. He is also dating Whitney Dubois, a woman that Tory absolutely can't stand. Often times, he is put in a awkward position by Tory and Whitney when an argument between them breaks out. 

Kit often has the wool pulled over his eyes by Tory and the rest of the Virals, as they scramble to keep thier abilities and missions secret. But he certainly isn't stupid, and is quite a valuable asset in the right circumstances

Kit is not fat, but isn't usually physically inclined. An exception to this is when, in Exposure, Tory is charged at by the Gamemaster in court, and Kit is the first to react, tackling him and grabbing him by the leg.

Kit is a kind father, if a bit awkward and not used to the role. He does attempt to care for Tory the best he can, and never punishes her unfairly.

Kit can be strict, however, when pushed. An example is when Tory and the other Virals are caught in the LIRI computer room attempting to access Karstens encrypted files.