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Ella Francis
Name Ella Francis
Age 15
Gender Female
Eyes Green-grey
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Lady Griffins

The Trinity

Occupation Student at Bolton Preparatory Academy

Midfielder on the Lady Griffins
Employee at the Flying Tomato

Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education High School Diploma
Family Mr. Francis (father, first name unknown)

Mrs. Francis (mother, first name unknown)

Status Alive
Viral "Cured"

Ella Francis is Victoria Brennan's only female friend, and attends Bolton Preparatory Academy with the other Virals.  She shares several advanced-placement classes with the pack.


Ella is described as being a beautiful young woman with waist-length black hair, pale skin, and grey-green eyes.[1]  During most of Exposure, she has her hair pulled back into a braid.  According to Tory, she can "run all day, attack and defend, and generally own the ball for ninety solid minutes" in soccer, [2] which indicates that she is in very good physical condition.


Tory describes Ella as having a "biting sense of humour" and being "mercilessly sarcastic."[3]  She is also very persuasive, given that she managed to persuade Tory to join Bolton's soccer team.[4]   She enjoys mocking people and things alike,[5] although this is usually done to entertain her friends and get a laugh out of them; her intentions are rarely, if ever, explicitly mean-hearted.  The only times Ella has ever shown open hostility toward people is after they've done something particularly nasty to her or another person, as seen when she refers to the Tripod,[6] Peter and Lucy Gable,[7] and Detective Hawfield.[8]  In these instances she rarely calls them by name, preferring to use words like "bastard" to describe the person.

Ella is a fairly affectionate person with those she is close to, and often shows this through physical gestures. Said gestures range from poking someone in the back or patting their hand to hugging them, and in Tory's case,[9] holding hands or stroking Tory's head.[10]  The larger, more noticeable actions appear to be attempts to comfort both herself and the other person, while the smaller ones are merely to get the other's attention or reassure only them.

A generally confident woman, Ella is unafraid to stand up for herself and what she believes in.  She's quite strong, emotionally, and it takes a lot to break her; even while being held hostage by Hawfield, she managed to make some snarky remarks when talking with Tory.


Little has been revealed about Ella's past.  In her freshman year, she was bullied by the Tripod,[11] but quickly put an end to that after joining the soccer team.


The night before Tory and the pack broke into the South Carolina Aquarium, Ella contacted Detective Hawfield with her concerns about Rex Gable having kidnapped his own step-children.  Hawfield agreed to meet her outside her place of work, the Flying Tomato.  He manipulated her into keeping this meeting a secret, allowing him to capture her without drawing suspicion to himself.[12]  He kept her imprisoned in the cell for two days before catching Tory Brennan and imprisoning her with Ella.

Tory was able to use her flare powers to escape up the well, but was forced to leave Ella behind.  Ella was finally rescued after the pack had succesfully detained Hawfield, and was there to witness the detective's death.  She helped explain the situation to the police with Tory, and was finally able to return home afterward.


  • "Maybe less caffeine tomorrow, Brennan?" [13]  -To Tory Brennan
  • Ask me, you could use a little Taylor-touching time.  Might ease the tension in your shoulders."[14]- To Tory Brennan about Jason Taylor
  • "Enjoy.  They're hot, which apparently you like." [15]  -To Hiram Stolowitski
  • "I'm glad our mutual imprisonment cheers you so." [16] - To Tory Brennan
  • "If he's not being ironic, I'll pee myself." [17] - To Tory Brenn about Jean-Paul
  • "It's my fault, I guess.  I saw Rex Gable Thursday night.  He came into the Flying Tomato, drinking Scotch with his golf buddies.  He just sat there, laughing and joking, without a care in the world.  It infuriated me." [18] -To Tory Brennan about why Hawfield captured her (Ella)


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