Jason Taylor is a student at Bolton Prep and a mutual friend of Tory Brennan. He comes from a very wealthy family. He has some ties with the Charleston Police Department and other investigative services since his dad is a former detective.


Jason is descriped with bleach blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Or in Tory's word "a Norse God". He has an athletic build due to the fact that he plays lacrosse.

He is also a nice guy in Tory's opinion, laid back and calm most of the time.


Tory Brennan- He is the only other friend outside of the Virals for Tory. He has two classes with her and usually misses the homework assignment because he flies toward the door when the bell rings. So it is mostly up to Tory to get it for him (hence, why she has his number in her phone). He is shown frequently inviting Tory to parties and events hosted by Chance/himself. It is hinted that he wants to be more that friends, but Tory does not feel the same. He is also the reason why the Tripod is bullying on her due to the fact that one of them (Madison Dunkle) has a crush on Jason. He escorted Tory to cotillion as a marshal, along with Ben. Jason also assisted in stopping the Gamemaster's bomb on the night of cotillion. In Exposure, Jason begins to be more direct with his feelings for Tory, loitering around her locker and lunch table for a chance to talk to her.

Ben Blue- Jason generally doesn't like Ben, if it is because of a past incident or if he is simply jealous, it is not certain. Ben returns this feeling.

Hiram Stolowitski- In Exposure, it is stated that Hiram, along with Shelton, are now good friends with Jason.

Shelton Devers- In Exposure, it is stated that Shelton, along with Hi, are now good friends with Jason.

Chance Claybourne- Jason is shown to be best friends with Chance through the whole series and they tend to be at party's together.