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The Bunker

"Long abandoned and forgotton, no on else seems to remember it [The Bunker] exists. We intended to keep it that way"

-Description (Virals)


The Bunker is an abondoned military stucture that was discovered by Tory, Hi, Ben, and Shelton while searching for a lost Frisbee. It is located on Morris Island and was most likely used in the Civil War along with Fort Wagner and since then has been forgotton.


Behind a gigantic sand hill, down into a trough, and dozens of sand dunes lies the barely visible wall of the bunker. The entrance is small and is a tight squeeze but the kids manage to get through. The main chamber in about 15 by 30 ft and the wood-beamed wall rise 10 feet to the ceiling. A window slit runs the length of the wall opposite to the entrance, showing off a wonderful view of the Charleston Harbor.

A second smaller room lies to the left of the first, only accesed by a small, low passageway. On the back wall of the smaller room sits a collapsed shalft the leads deeper into the hill. The gang eventually discoveres that the shaft splits. The right leads to a smaller bunker with a ladder that leads outside. The saft entrance from the main bunker is now collapsed and the smaller bunker can only be reached by the ladder.

A dozen yards to the right of the Bunker's main entrance is a side trail that leads to the beach below.

We also know that bugspray is always kept inside of the Bunker upon the request of Shelton and because of his fear of creepy crawlies.

The Bunker also always stays pleasantly cool no matter how warm it gets outside.


Civil War: The Bunker was one part of a Civil War trench network know as Vattery Gregg. It was built to guard Charleston Harbor and much of the maze remains uncharted. Once the war ended the Bunker was forgotton and abandoned.


Coops Recovery:

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